Zocor Lawsuits | Patients Seek Advice of Zocor Lawyer

Patients Seeking Legal Advice About Zocor

Sarah Klein | July 6th, 2011

People who take all Zocor dosages may have good reason to seek out a lawyer for Zocor lawsuit advice. The popular cholesterol drug has been linked to a host of serious muscle problems. A Zocor lawyer is best equipped to review a patient’s experience and determine if his or her injuries qualify as compensable adverse effects.

High doses lead to Zocor muscle injury

The fact is certain dosages of Zocor and generic simvastatin have been on the market when they should not have been. In June, the FDA effectively recalled 80 mg Zocor, putting an end to new prescriptions of the high dose statin after it was found to pose a high risk of muscle damage and rhabdomyolysis, a sometimes-lethal kidney disorder. A number of patients have sought Zocor lawsuit advice in the wake of the FDA decision.

It may be only a matter of time before a wave of Zocor lawsuits hit the courts. The FDA action legitimizes claims made against Merck and generic manufacturers who chose to market the high dose drug despite serious concerns about side effects. The drug makers could be held liable for negligently – or even maliciously – marketing a drug that they knew to be dangerous.

And the FDA decision may also legitimize claims made by patients who take lower Zocor doses. While the risk of serious Zocor side effects is highest with the highest dose, even people taking 20 mg of the medication are at risk of Zocor muscle injury as well. Symptoms include muscle weakness and pain, which can indicate the onset of serious side effects such as rhabdomyolysis. People who develop these side effects should consult with a physician. Talking to a Zocor lawyer may be the best next step.

Zocor settlements could replace need for lawsuits

It may turn out that Zocor lawsuits are unnecessary. Merck and generic drugmakers may decide to pay out Zocor settlements to patients who develop Zocor side effects. If that is the case, a Zocor lawyer may be necessary to process the settlement and negotiate a fair sum. A Zocor settlement could be worth millions of dollars. Most likely, the settlement would be commensurate with the severity of injuries incurred because of Zocor use. That rule may also apply when and if Zocor lawsuits go to trial within the next year or two.

A Zocor lawyer may be able to answer questions by those who seek Zocor lawsuit advice.