Zocor Muscle Damage | Zocor Side Effects in Women

Zocor Muscle Damage More Prevalent Among Women

Sarah Klein | July 22nd, 2011

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it had found a link between a popular cholesterol-fighting drug and Zocor muscle damage. The study also found that Zocor side effects in women, especially older women or women taking a certain class of blood pressure drugs, were more likely to occur. The findings come amid several lawsuits that claim the 80-milligram dose of the drug caused severe  muscle damage and kidney disease.

Extent of Zocor Side Effects in Women

Previous studies have shown that muscle damage is just one of the Zocor side effects occurring in women. The warning label suggests that pregnant women not take the drug at any dosage level, as it may harm the unborn child. Some reports have shown Zocor side effects in pregnant women  that resulted in birth defects to the infant’s skeleton and digestive system. No records of Zocor lawsuits due to birth defects have surfaced, but women of childbearing age are warned not to take the drug if they are pregnant or may become pregnant.

Causes of Zocor Muscle Damage

Rhabdomyolysis, a condition in which the kidneys attempt to filter loose muscle fibers, is essentially caused by Zocor muscle damage. High doses of the drug can cause tears in muscle fibers releasing the fibers into the blood stream. When the kidney is unable to process the fibers, rhabdomyolysis occurs.  The condition is capable of resolving itself upon discontinued treatment.  However the disease can also become fatal as the kidneys fail to process the muscle cells.

Other Health Problems from Zocor Muscle Damage

Zocor muscle damage can also cause severe muscular pain. As the muscle fibers pass through the kidneys, patients may also notice urine that has a reddish tint. Some Zocor side effects in women due to Zocor muscle damage also include weakness and fatigue in the major muscle groups. Doctors recommend that a patient on the drug consult with their physician to decide if they should take a lower dose or change medications to combat cholesterol.

Zocor side effects in women taking calcium-channel blockers, a type of blood pressure medication, can also be severe.

Zocor Lawsuits to follow

Many patients suffering from Zocor muscle damage have considered filing a Zocor lawsuit. The study revealing the extent and severity of Zocor side effects in women may lead to even more lawsuits against the manufacturer.

The FDA has recently required that doctors discontinue prescribing 80-mg doses of the drug, causing some to speculate as to the future availability of the popular medication.  While no Zocor recall appears imminent, the same is not true for Zocor lawsuits.