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Could Zocor Become the Target of a Class Action Lawsuit?

Irene Hobbs | November 30th, 2011

Numerous injured patients around the country have enlisted a Zocor lawyer to file a Zocor side effects lawsuit, alleging serious problems such as Zocor muscle injury. To date, however, no Zocor class action lawsuit has been organized. As potential plaintiffs consult with an experienced Zocor lawyer to decide how best to compensatory damages for the injuries they sustained as a result of using the popular anti-cholesterol drug, many are wondering if a potential Zocor class action lawsuit would prove to be the best option for obtaining Zocor muscle injury settlements.

Potential plaintiffs consider a Zocor class action lawsuit

A Zocor lawyer will advise potential plaintiffs that while no Zocor class action lawsuit has yet been formed, the possibility of creating one is very real. A class action lawsuit occurs when one or more plaintiffs bring a case, such as a Zocor muscle injury lawsuit, against a defendant on behalf of a group of individuals with a similar complaint. A class action suit, such as a hypothetical Zocor class action lawsuit, is different than multidistrict litigation (MDL), which addresses claims presented by a large number of people who maintain their individual plaintiff status.

A Zocor lawyer will inform potential clients that a major difference between a Zocor class action lawsuit and MDL is the representative plaintiff. In a class action lawsuit, a representative plaintiff brings the lawsuit against the defendant on behalf of other plaintiffs. In an MDL, plaintiffs bring their own suits against the defendant.

Necessary steps to forming a Zocor class action lawsuit

If a Zocor class action lawsuit were to be formed by a Zocor lawyer representing plaintiffs suffering from side effects such as Zocor muscle injury or rhabdomyolysis, it would have to be filed in a federal court if requested damages exceed $5 million. Multi-state class action suits are challenging for plaintiffs and defendants alike, as different states have different laws. For a Zocor class action lawsuit to be filed, the representative plaintiff and his or her Zocor lawyer would have to look for fellow plaintiffs with similar complaints from within the same state.

After the complaint is filed, a potential Zocor class action lawsuit would have to be certified, which may require discovery, a process that allows the court to determine if a class action suit is valid. Defendants can object to the class action filing. If the Zocor class action lawsuit were to move forward, any eligible plaintiffs, such as patients who had reported Zocor muscle injury, would be told about the action by a Zocor lawyer and given an opportunity to opt out of the Zocor class action lawsuit.

If a Zocor class action lawsuit were to result in a settlement negotiated by the representative plaintiff’s Zocor lawyer, the damages will be divided among all individuals involved with the class action.

Challenges to forming a Zocor class action lawsuit

Forming a Zocor class action lawsuit will take time, patience and extensive research on the part of a Zocor lawyer, as the court can refuse the request for a class action suit if the defendant presents a solid argument as to why a class action suit isn’t necessary.

Scientific studies touting the benefits of Zocor could, theoretically, hurt the chances of a Zocor class action lawsuit. For example, British researchers recently published a study showing that statins such as Zocor reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by one quarter. The study also showed statins will reduce heart attack and stroke. Though this is good news for most Zocor users, it doesn’t address Zocor muscle injury, which is at the heart of most lawsuits filed by a Zocor lawyer on behalf of seriously injured patients. Zocor muscle injury would likely form the basis of any future Zocor class action lawsuit.