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Study Says Statins May Relieve Alzheimer’s Symptoms, But Side Effects Still a Concern

Whitney Taylor | April 18th, 2012

A recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience indicates that statins might play a positive role in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, even while the FDA is updating warning labels to include additional Zocor side effects. Despite the positive news in this study. lawsuits are on the rise across the country as more injured statin users head to a Zocor lawyer in hopes of pursuing compensation for their injuries.

The new study was conducted on mice by Edith Hamel, PhD, and associates at McGill University. In the study, groups of younger and older mice were given high doses of simvastatins for three to six months. The study found the simvastatins improved brain blood vessel function in both groups of mice. The study did not examine the toll other Zocor side effects might take at this higher dosage over long periods of time.

“This study shows that simvastatin can protect against some of the damaging effects of Alzheimer’s disease on nerve cells involved in memory, if administered early in the disease process,” Hamel was reported saying at Medical Express.

Newer Zocor side effects raise concerns of FDA

While this study offers news about potential positive effects of statins like Zocor, it does not diminish the growing concern over Zocor side effects, which have formed the basis of cases filed by a Zocor lawyer. Recently, the FDA added new safety warnings to statins, including Zocor, stating the drugs have been linked to a higher incidence of type II diabetes and memory loss. While memory loss is a relatively mild side effect that goes away once the medication is stopped, type II diabetes poses more serious concerns and may lead to additional Zocor lawsuits, filed on behalf of injured plaintiffs by a Zocor lawyer, in the future.

Zocor lawyer targets muscle injury, liver damage

At this time, a Zocor lawyer may file a lawsuit on behalf of a client who has experienced serious Zocor side effects like muscle injury or liver damage.

A particularly severe form of muscle injury, Zocor rhabdomyolysis, occurs when muscle tissue breaks down and releases proteins into the bloodstream. The body tries to eliminate the proteins, which in turn overtaxes the kidneys and can lead to kidney failure and even death if left untreated.

Although liver damage is one of the more rare Zocor side effects, it has prompted a number of lawsuits across the country, filed on behalf of plaintiffs by a Zocor lawyer. This condition occurs when Zocor use increases liver enzymes, and may lead to permanent liver damage.

While the recent Zocor study on Alzheimer’s offers some good news for Zocor users, the results do not change the potential risk for other Zocor side effects. As more Zocor lawsuits are filed by a Zocor lawyer nationwide, it has become clear that patients and their doctors must consider the dangers as well as the benefits of the drug before determining whether Zocor is the right course of action for high cholesterol levels.